Diastyle Society – Diabetes and a healthy lifestyle brings people together to whom common goal is to achieve and to live a healthy lifestyle, with a focus on raising awareness of diabetes. We deal with healthy eating, regular physical activities, we learn to communicate, relax, socialize, and learn how to manage conflict and stress. We are very supportive and care for each other. 

Diabetes is an epidemic of our time, a disease of the modern era, where each year more and more people fall ill. It is an incurable disease with very serious health consequences if it is not controlled. Awareness of this disease is essential and our common goal is to live a healthy lifestyle whether you are diabetic or not. 

On 3rd March 2014, Diastyle Society – Diabetes and healthy lifestyle, was entered in the Register of Societies Administrative Unit Kamnik and Business Register of Slovenia under registration number 4062701. On 10th March 2014 we have also been registered in Slovenian Tax Register under the number 87905540. At The Workers’ Savings Bank d.d. we have also opened the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) SI56 6100 0000 7035 466. 

Diastyle Society – Diabetes and healthy lifestyle was established for the awareness of diabetes, to promote a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, regular exercises, it also encourages sports participation, promotes good mental and psychological well-being. 

Our objectives are to unite people who would like to learn more about diabetes and healthy lifestyle, to combine professional and recreational athletes and sports fans, people who are interested in healthy eating and are or aren’t physically active yet, and those whose desire is good mental or psychological well-being. 

Viktor Zupancic
president of Diastyle Society
type 2 diabetic